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My greatest strength is also my greatest weakness! As they can so often be…

Actually, I have LOTS of greatest strengths/weaknesses.

But the one you’ll probably care most about is this:

I seem to have a fabulous talent for giving EXCELLENT advice…however, it is often unsolicited. [But when I *know* something works!? …

Today — Veteran’s Day 2021 — I channeled a surprisingly large group of US Veterans who want their Medium-reading loved ones (that includes YOU) to see this message.

veterans day table for two cemetery soldiers deceased loved ones intuitive reading evergreen eden
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Yes, I see the irony. I am a Medium, and I write here on Medium. :) So cool. Heheh.


About this Intuitive Reading:

I asked our Dearly Departed Veteran loved ones for a general reading that will fit everyone with whom they wish to communicate; sort of a one-size-fits-all. …

Yes, I just made that claim out loud. I don’t care if someone thinks it’s clickbait. I’m not asserting that I’m a doctor, so I don’t care if someone wants to threaten to sue me for writing this. And I don’t care if someone thinks I’m evil for throwing around such a seemingly casual assertion in the face of such a NOT casual disease.

cancer cure heal devastated girl silence is violence evergreen eden
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That’s right: I don’t care!! Bite me, haters. Because the facts I know have become daggers in my heart, and the only way to remove them is to share.

It devastates me daily that the whole world is still completely in the dark. My awareness — were it ever to be actually harnessed — would make you, me, and everyone scream and jump for joy. It rips me apart inside.

Because ultimately, when faced with the idea of questioning their assumptions, most people choose suffering and death.

I used to go around trying to shout what…

A novel published in bite-sized chapters — Installment #2

when good men stand by gravestone headstone cross cemetery evergreen eden
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Random realizations came barrelling into Itzel’s mind, one after another. Futile as they were, they remained necessary, if one were to fully absorb the truth of it all.

He was just up on skiis last Sunday at the lake — we just bought that boat.

…What about our trip this…

This intuitive reading is meant for you, at the time it crosses your path…

Photo by Viacheslav Bublyk on Unsplash

Any time you click on one of my intuitive readings, please remember the following:

  • All online public readings are Time Fluid: whenever they cross your path is the perfect time for you to receive them.
  • It may be that not all of the concepts mentioned in the reading will necessarily relate to your situation. It is up to you to determine what fits and…

Nothing feels worse than losing emotional control; here’s how to get (and keep!) hold of the reins. It’s not good for your heart to panic. Help yourself before it gets too far...

Photo by Marta Wave from Pexels

Once upon a time, my entire life felt like a panic attack.

The type of cancer I had caused copious amounts of adrenaline and cortisol to pump into my bloodstream, 24/7.

This meant I was in panic 24/7, as well — with or without any coexisting mental or emotional factors…

A poetic reflection on the music of life.

morning music coffee mug hands poem writing love sounds evergreen eden
Photo by KM L from Pexels


Soft in unison our sighs

Hungry hands and tangled thighs

Rhythmic squeaking of the frame

His voice whispering my name

Alarm clock — damn! — throw back the sheets

Grinding of the coffee beans

Shower sprays its warm embrace

Towel scrubbing legs and face

Children whining, coffee drips


Evergreen Eden

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